An Introduction

Ditch The Itch is about thinking outside of the box. It's about looking deeper into normally unquestioned beliefs about how things should be. Ditch the Itch takes a look at our desires and takes them apart to get at what we might really be craving.

The articles in this blog are an attempt to help break the chains we put onto ourselves that limit our potential to be human.

What is it you find yourself attached to? What do you think you need to be happy? Why will this or that make you happy? What do you need, truly need?

We all have one life to live, and in essence, each day is a full life. We arise, we think, we speak, we act, we tire, and we close our eyes and drift away into sleep. In that one day, what occupies your thoughts? What drives your actions? Why do you talk about certain things and not others?

One may not live through the day. There a number of ways to die. One may never wake up from sleep. Would you feel confident that you lived well, and are prepared to leave life as you know it at any moment?

If you are, then you will have no need for this blog, except maybe if you enjoy reading what I write.

If you aren't, and there is some sense of imbalance in your life, maybe it's time to look at life from a different perspective. Maybe some of the chains preventing you from living the life you desire just need to be viewed from another angle; or maybe the persistence of a chain is pointing you toward a change you need to make.

In any case, our curiosity and pursuit to discover what lies behind the mysteries of life is part of what makes us human. If anything, I hope that the articles in this blog will inspire questions, conversations, and discoveries that open and expand one's experience.