Jane Goodall: Each and Every One of Us Matters

“Peace starts within. We have somehow to find peace within ourselves, so that we can then reach out to others and spread this message of peace. So, how do you find peace within yourself when you live in a really difficult situation? When, perhaps, you’re a refugee?

    “I think the only way I can think of doing this is each day to try and do your best to make the world around you just a little bit better. And, if you go to sleep each night thinking, ‘Well, I really did do my best,’ maybe in a very difficult situation, then that will give you the kind of feeling that leads to peace, and then you’re better able to help others.

    “... Each and every one of us matters and has a role to play in this world, even though we don’t yet perhaps know what that role is. And even more important, each and every one of us makes some impact on the planet every single day that we live; and we’re in a position, a fortunate position, of being able to choose what sort of impact we make. What do we buy? What do we wear? What do we eat? How will those little choices affect future generations?”