Ditch the Sense of Impossibility

I want to share a quote from Grace Lee Boggs, a woman who has come to inspire many others to live meaningful lives, especially in Detriot, Michigan.

This is an excerpt from an interview she had with Krista Tippet at OnBeing Studios:

"Jimmy Boggs, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King. Those are the three prophets in my life. Another one is Margaret Wheatley. One of the most wonderful things about Margaret Wheatley is that she has pointed out how Newtonian science and scientific rationalism has made us think of life and reality is made up of particles, and quantum physics gives us the opportunity to look at change in a very different way, not in terms of mass, but in terms of organic connections, and of emerging changes, of changes that take place at a lower level so that, as a mass level they have more permanence and more reality.

There's something about people beginning to seek solutions by doing things for themselves, by deciding they are going to create new concepts of economy, new concepts of governance, new concepts of education, and that they have the capacity within themselves to do that, that we have that capacity to create the world anew. I mean, if you lived in Detroit or if you came to Detroit more often, you would be absolutely amazed at the people who start to create solutions to everyday problems and, in doing so, create movements.

... You know, of course, what Einstein said, that “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. He recognized that knowledge is what has happened, whereas imagination begins to open up what can happen, what you can make happen."

Mahatma Gandhi's phrase of change is often quoted: Be the change you wish to see in the world.

In the Bible, it is written to: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

For I am you, and you are me, we are them and they are us. Whatever one says and does, shapes the world. We are unique amalgamations, a different combination of energy; but apart from the unique combination, there is no difference. What we do for ourselves, we do to the world.

We have so much potential, and our imagination can lead down paths we never knew of before. Change can come through powerful intent, which stems from within our own selves. If we want to change something, first we must come to understand it, and our relationship with it. We may end up finding out what can be the most beneficial path to change.