Ditch the Chronic Diseases: An Interview with Dr. John McDougall, MD

We have a world that has the possibility,  with the communication we have, you know, the possibility of making changes that will make all the difference. Just, you know, [if] we can just get the message about the truth about food out to people, we would give us some more time.We need more time.

There are a lot of good people out there trying to solve the problems related to fossil fuels, but we're really, you know, you and I and a few other folks out there, are really the only ones that are directly addressing the most easily and quickly changeable, most destructive part of our living, which is the food. So many problems will be solved. You could close 80% of the hospitals. You could you put the pharmaceutical business--well, you know, there's some drugs that are of some help, but you could tone them down considerably. Anyway, it's the food, folks, it's the food. Go to www.drmcdougall.com, and you will see the subtitle: It's the food!”

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Ditch the Fish

Farmed fish will not save us. In fact, farmed fish, apart from being chemically polluted, are full of antibiotics to stop the spread of disease in such confined spaces; but the pollution from these confined areas, coming from dead, diseased fish and fish feces, spread and pollute surrounded areas. They are just like land-animal factory farms, no better. And small fish are taken from the oceans to be fed to these larger farmed fish, so we are still continually depleting our oceans of marine life. The bleaching of coral reefs is due to the loss of larger fish in the oceans. Soon, there will be more plastic in our oceans worldwide than there are fish, whales, and other marine life.

We do not need fish for survival anymore. And we do not need to just survive, as we have been able to use technology to adapt our way of life to the cold environment. Now, we can eat the diet that gives us optimal health and well-being.

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