Ditch the Food Insecurity

Newfoundland is beautiful, but if we aren’t sustainable, we won’t have much to offer. Money is not reliable. Money fluctuates, and tourism fluctuates. Why not invest in making the island sustainable? People could comfortably live year-round. There is food at the ready. Jobs aplenty that stay close to home and directly contribute to the community. Visitors could stay and see a model for honest living, where we respect the environment while still being able to have a quality of life.

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DITCH THE DISEASE: Animal Products, Processed foods, Alcohol, and Pollutants

Maybe it’s time to think twice about that morning glass of milk, or that afternoon snack of cheese, or the burger on the menu for supper.

    It turns out that what we choose to eat can either poison our bodies and eventually lead to our own premature deaths, or allow us to live longer and healthier.

    Aside from what we eat, how we interact with our environments can come back full-circle in the way of pollutants ending up in our own bodies and destroying us slowly.

    What foods turn out to act like poison within the human body?

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An Excerpt from Eknath Easwaran's Intro to The Dhammpada

In essence, one can step back and look directly at life (both inner and outer), and see the duality that exists in each moment. Recognizing that nothing is certain, what does one truly desire out of life? In reality, the only actions that can bring about true peace and happiness are those that also benefit others. If one can learn what it means to love unconditionally, first with oneself, and then with those around, and finally with all of the world, one can find peace, and that inner peace will translate into the world without.

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Ditch the Sense of Impossibility

“There's something about people beginning to seek solutions by doing things for themselves, by deciding they are going to create new concepts of economy, new concepts of governance, new concepts of education, and that they have the capacity within themselves to do that, that we have that capacity to create the world anew.”

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Something to Wonder At...

Sometimes people believe that one cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Some believe that things are fixed and certain. We often create boxes for ourselves and those around us, limiting our true potential and essentially going through life like a horse with blinders on.

Why not approach life like a child: open, observant, nonjudgmental.

Forget what you think you know about something. Look at it again, free of preconceptions. What is really there?

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