Within all of us, there is a still point. Surrounding that is everything that is transient: thoughts, emotions, the physical world we perceive. Meditation is about finding that still point, and resting in it, letting all that is transient simply be without trying to hold on, grasp, or interfere.

Also, here is a link for passages to meditate on from the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation:

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Watch this talk to listen to important advice regarding today’s concerns about mental health.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama's talk to university students from Emory University in the USA and Indian universities. After his talk, His Holiness answers questions from the audience.


For Inspirational and Human Conversations

The On Being Project with Krista Tippett is a wonderful podcast show, interviewing poets, scientists, activists, writers, and more.


The art of connecting body and mind through the breath and movement. Yin yoga is my practice and I highly recommend it, especially for those leading high-stress lives. I have set up some simple yoga routines that can be practiced daily to wake up, slow down, decompress, and rejuvenate. Click on the photo to follow a link to my YouTube Channel.

(Videos are currently under development and not published yet. However, check out channels I follow for free yoga sessions from EkhartYoga, a lesson in Tai Chi Qi Gong Shibashi, and Nutritional Information Videos.)

Tai Chi Qi Gong

Akin to yoga, especially yin yoga, moving the body along with the breath. This practice is calming, gentling energizing, and perfect for days when other forms of exercise feel too strenuous. Click on the photo to follow a link to a video of the full practice.


Call it forest bathing or walking meditation: the simple act of walking in nature, tuning into all that is around you, is a powerful act. Not only is the movement beneficial, but one is exposed to the molecules composing all of the microorganisms in the air, water, and earth. Hiking can be a great time to listen to your intuition, to rest in the space that Nature allows, and accept the healing it brings. Click on the photo to follow a link to my Instagram for hiking photos.


Besides walking, cycling has to be one of my favourite ways to get around. Cycling can be a joyous and soothing activity, even in cities without bicycle lanes. I don't need to get to where I am going as fast as possible, or have a fancy bicycle. It's all about the movement. Wheels give a sense of freedom, almost like one is flying on air. A bicycle can take you a bit further than walking, with less stress on the knees. The trick to a joyful time is to discover routes you like taking, and to avoid those busy high-traffic times if possible. Click on the photo to follow a link to my Instagram with photos from my cycling trips.


Food security is a huge issue, and growing your own fruits and vegetables really isn't as daunting a task as it may first appear. If everyone grew even just a couple of edible plants, whole cities could feed themselves. We depend on each other as a species for survival, but everyone can definitely do more to enrich the soil around where we live, to compost, to refuse/reuse/recycle, and to help be part of the natural cycle of giving and taking. We grow and consume food from nature, and we can give back, too.

Not only people are part of the growing process. Actually, people just set up the nurturing conditions and help to maintain them, but there are other microorganisms, worms, beneficial insects and pollinators, fungi, and more that are all part of the cycle.

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I believe a traveler is an explorer as well as an ambassador. Traveling presents an amazing opportunity to experience life in another part of the world. I began traveling solo when I was 18, and Life has been an excellent teacher.

As an explorer, one should drop all expectations of any journey. It's all an open book. One should be conscious and considerate of everything around them. We all leave footprints. How you travel in life will determine the shape of your footprint.

As an ambassador, one can practice embodying the habits of an open-minded, calm, patient and inwardly strong person. An ambassador listens carefully, learns how to speak the language, is tuned into one's inner still point, loves boundlessly, and has a sense of humour. An ambassador helps to connect different parts of the world. Every traveler has this potential.

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