Consultations, Talks, and Demos

Please Contact me via the Contact Page if you would like to purchase a consultation or plan. An Invoice will be emailed once consultation or plan is confirmed. The following are WFPB Certified and Starch Solution Certified:

Speaking Engagements:

I offer talks for businesses, schools, and private gatherings to share up-to-date information on how food affects health, including food samples, and Q&A.

Cooking Demos:

I offer cooking demos for private gatherings and for training cooks in how to prepare simple, delicious whole, plant-based meals.

Nutritional Education Sessions:

Featuring filmed lectures by some of the pioneers in whole food, plant-based nutrition, such as Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Neal Barnard and more.

Topics of interest will be taken into account.

Sessions can occur once, or over a period of 2-3 months, once a week.

Each session will include a filmed lecture or documentary, followed by Q&A, food samples, and handouts.


15-Minute Introductory Consultation

If you are just not sure what a whole food,plant-based diet is, or what it means to heal holistically, this is perfect for you.

Get a brief introduction to Healing Holistically with Whole Foods, via phone, Skype, Google Duo, or WhatsApp.

This is FREE! But, if you feel the information has been helpful, please consider making a donation. Simply visit my Donate page.


45-Minute Initial Consultation

Discuss past history with diet, exercise, and meditation and goals for moving toward a healthier, happier lifestyle.



2-Week Holistic Healing Plan

Includes personalized weekly meal plans, exercise and meditation practices, a Smart Shopper session in person (or video shared online), an information packet about getting started healing holistically, weekly check-ins,and support Monday-Friday 8am-5pm via phone or email.

*A 45-Minute Initial Consultation is required prior to any Plans



4-Week Holistic Healing Plan

Includes the same as the 2-week plan.

After the first two weeks, the client will be given a meal planner template to create own meal plans for the following two weeks.

A session of either yin yoga or Tai Chi Qi Gong at the end of the month.

*A 45-Minute Initial Consultation is required prior to any Plans



Introduction to Healing Holistically Packet

An informational packet outlining the practice of beginning to heal holistically. Provided in the Holistic Healing Plans. Provided via email attachment or printed.



Sourdough Starter

Begin making simple, nutritious and easily digestible bread using a sourdough starter. Order and pick-up your starter from my own 6-year old starter. Use for making crepes, pancakes, any style of bread, chapatis, muffins, cakes, etc.

$5.00 (Only available locally, and for pick-up. No Delivery.)

Note: My services aspire to help one make informed decisions about diet, exercise and mindfulness practices. My experience is based on years working in kitchens, developing meals, researching nutrition and the healing aspects of food. For anyone interested in taking a 2 or 4-Week Program, it is required to notify your GP about your changes in diet prior to starting, especially if on medication or seriously ill.

* Although this educational opportunity provided by Good Food UnEarthed may contain materials from Dr. John McDougall, his books and website, the classes and their content are presented entirely independent of the McDougall Program. The use of “McDougall” materials in any form is not an endorsement of the classes being presented, nor should you expect the same weight loss and medical benefits experienced during the 10-day live-in McDougall Program ( Check with your healthcare provider before changing your diet or medications.